Igbo people have severely been linked with the Israelites by writers at a various points in history. Some are of the opinion that Igbos have strong connection with the ancient Israel while some writers have categorical stated that Igbos are part of the ten lost tribes of Israel. Both friends and foes, from all works of life in one way or the other describe Igbos as Jews or Israelites domiciled in the west African rain Forests. References from authorized sources, such as in the writings of Olauda Aquaino written 18th century of the common era: Dr, GT Basden a missionary of the C.M.S and others such as slave ship captains who had close encounter with the Igbos had the same opinion about the unique similarities of the Igbo people and Israelites.

This organizations having spent so much time in its research about the origin of the Igbos  have discovered that the entire Ome-nala Igbo are all reflection of Israeli traditions as written in the Bible. Thus the Bible is the source if our tradition. These customs of the Igbos for examples are highlighted in the practices of:

(a) Circumcision Lev 12:2,Gcn.17:7-12,Exo.12:43-44

(b) Levirate marriage Deut.25:4-10, Gen.38:6-8

(c) Sacrifices and libation Num.28-.7-8, Exo. 20:24, Deut.4:27-28, 28:36-37

(d)Redemption of first son Exo. 13:2, Num:18:15-17,Exo:22:29

(e) Believe in re-incamation Psalm 104:29-30, Gen:4 :25

(f) Betrothal Deut.22:23-29,20:7,28:30

(g) Menstrual laws and Purification Lev.15:19-24,18:19

(h) First fruit offerings Deut.18:4,26:2,26:8-10

(i) Leaving the four corners of the field(farm) for the poor (mkpa ji na mkpa ede) Lev:19:9-10, Deut:24:l9-20

(j) Burial ceremonies for the dead Gen:23, 25:8-9, Deut:34:5-8

(k) Naming system of new born child II sam: 12:24

(l) Handling of Lepers -Lev.13:43-46, Deut 24:8

(m) Omugwo Lev.12
(n) Nwa ndu uzo nwanyi Gen.24: 10,15
(o) Scape goat offering (Azazel)Lev.16:26,16:21-23,16:6-10
(p) It is a taboo and forbidden to commit suicide or die by hanging Deut 21:23
(q) Marriage Gen.24:53-67,28:1,29:l8-23, 28
(r) Bride price Gen.24:53
(s) Odibo (servant) Igba boyi Lev.25:39-43

(t) Welcoming of strangers Exo. 23:9, Lev.19:33-34
(u) Keeping of animals in your Neighbour’s custody Exo. 22 :6-14
(v) Forbids ill-trcatment of orphans and widows Exo. 22:21-23
(w) Removal of Boundary marks/Boundary beacons Dan. 19: 14,27:17
(x) lgba Oso Ochu(cities of Refuge Num.35:9-15, Deut.4:41-43
(y) It is forbidden to remarry a wife after the bride price (Ngo) has been refunded deut 24:1-4
(z)Incorrigible or stubborn son- deut 21:18-21


Today the Jews living in Israel are constituted mainly of two tribes-Judah and Benjamin. The above two tribes are known as Jews while the remaining ten tribes of which the Igbo people are part of are still at large. The ten tribes were exiled in 722 BC by Assyrians.

Igbo nation being part of Israel and Israel being a chosen people by     G-d brought the Bible to the world. The above claim may seem out of place but it is true that our ancestors were part of the Israelites at Mount Sinai when the laws were given to Moses, thus the customs and traditions referred to above.

The Jews of today have contributed to the development and enlightenment of the world. They have weathered so much storm, conquered segregation, anti-semitism, holocaust, Pogrom, Genocide and inquisition, in spite of this they bounce back to establish themselves against all odds and become today one of the greatest among the most advanced nations of the world.

Israel is one of the smallest countries of the world, with very small land mass and approximately seven million people. The seven million Jews have been able to weather the storm in their zone. The Igbos of Nigeria are approximately forty (40) million people against approximately one hundred and ten (110) million other ethnic groups in Nigeria yet we are complaining of marginalization.

The Jews were able to solve their problems, while the Igbos have not been able to solve theirs, like their brothers in the Middle East. Igbo land today is in chaos. As a chosen people of G-d Almighty, our problems are both PHYSICAL       and SPIRITUAL. We are humans because we are the only species of creation that can solve problems.

This is where this organization comes in. We have discovered how to solve these problems.



a. Publishing weekly news letter magazine to be circulated among the Igbos.

b. Organizing seminars in all universities and other tertiary institutions in Igbo land, regarding  Igbo heritage and development.

c. Organizing lectures in towns, wards and communities in Igbo land.

d. Organizing meetings with Chiefs, Igwes, Communities

and Opinion leaders in Igbo land.

e. Using electronic media to disseminate lectures, for the

enlightenment of the Igbos.

f. Disseminating relevant information to the Igbos through our website.



  • a. Embarking on vigorous development programs in all the Igbo States.
  • b. Mass education and reorientation of the Igbos on their origin, values and essence.
  • c. Research programmes for the continuous development of Igbo land.
  • d. Fostering Igbo-lsraeli relationship with a view to developing I gbo land.
  • e. Organizing skill acquisitions and capacity building programmes for the Igbos.
  • f. Embarking on various activities that tend to foster rapid development in Igbo land.






• Account name: Obgi Israel heritage foundation
Account number: 0111952303
Bank: Guaranty trust bank

•Account name: obgi Israel heritage foundation
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Bank: diamond bank PLC

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Bank: Fidelity bank PLC.

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