About Us


Ogbi israel heritage foundation is a non governmental , non profitable, non religious organization, it is a research oriented organization, specifically about the origin of the IGBOS with special emphasis on their link with Israel. The foundation strives to improve the general outlook and quality of life in Igbo land


A close look at the word “OGBI” reveals to a close observer that OGBI is nothing other than IGBO in reverse writing

Why Reverse writing

Our activities, behaviors, total output leaves much to be desired that today we are the exact opposite of what we used to be.

In the past, Igbos were known to be hardworking, fearless, highly principled, vision oriented, selfless and uncompromising trail blazers in ideas and values hence our mission.

Providentially, OGBI in Igbo means “YOUR HEART” this invariably requires all the Igbos to surrender their lives to G-d for the ultimate redemption of the Igbos


To activate, create awareness and rejuvenate the latent/dormant Hebrew souls of the Igbos to reflect their real essence.


Our Mission

  • To bridge the gaps caused by external and internal Influences on the Igbos
  • To restore the dignity of the Igbos through reorientation of our value system
  • To conduct more research on the origin/history of the igbos with a view to gather more information regarding our heritage.
  • To eradicate the social ills that is prevalent in the contemporary Igbo society
  • To assist the Igbos to realize and live up to their real essence.
  • To foster better understanding between the Igbos and their Israeli brothers and sisters.
  • To develop Igbo land and make it more modernised.
  • To develop a system in Igbo land that will increase per capita income of the Igbo people, with a view to checking and eradicating poverty.
  • To develop a blue print for individual/community development in Igbo land
  • To increase intellectual prowess among the Igbo people.
  • To harness Igbo talents and advance Igbo technology, thus reignite the Igbo innovative and industrial mindset.  
  • To create security consciousness among the Igbo people. 




• Account name: Obgi Israel heritage foundation
Account number: 0111952303
Bank: Guaranty trust bank

•Account name: obgi Israel heritage foundation
Account number: 0013869989
Bank: diamond bank PLC

• Account name: obgi Israel heritage foundation
Account number: 4010669511
Bank: Fidelity bank PLC.

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